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Laura Shefler • Art History Talks

Contemporary and Modern Art

Installation Artists of the Philippines


Africobra and the Age of Black Power


Huguette Caland: "Erotic Means Life"

Afghan Artists: In Exile or in Hiding

Seven Decades: Gian Berto Vanni

Seven Decades: Hedda Sterne

George Ohr, the Mad Potter of Biloxi

The Surrealist Jeu de Marseilles

The Magical Realism of  María Berrío and Willy Verginer

Mysterious Strangers: Essam Marouf, Portia Zvavahera, Hannah Van Bart, Didier William

Mulkun Wirrpanda and John Woleseley: Edible Plants of Arnhem Land

American Visionary Artists: Minnie Evans, Felipe Jesus Consalvos, David Zeldis, Thornton Dial

Eileen Agar

Contemporary Mixed Media Artists: Kelly Puissegur, Octavo Ortiz, Mark Powell, Helen Bart

Papermaking as Contemporary Fine Art Technique

Impermanent Art

Live Art Performance: Kazuo Shiraga, Prue Stevenson, Heather Hansen, Tony Orrico

A Flowering of the Mind: Anna Zemánková, Marie-Rose Lortet, Jephan de Villiers, Maria Primachenko, Henriette Zéphir

Dada at the Cafe Voltaire

Dada's Second Incarnation in Berlin

Modern and Contemporary Interpretations of Las Meninas by Velasquez

Evolution and Revolution in Portraiture

The Collages of Lee Krasner

Fascinated by People: The Paintings of Alice Neel

Using the Past to Reinvent the Future: Contemporary Nigerian Artists

Byzantine Mosaics and Their Influence on Modern Art

art traditions and movements

Developments in Australian Aboriginal Art

20th Century Romanian Artists

Tapa Cloth: Mathematical Principles and Social Complexities

Contemporary Israeli Artists

Folk Painting Traditions of India

Mingei/Modern: Printing, Basketry, and Other Folk Crafts of Japan

Fine Art Prints from Inuit Cape Dorset

Cross-cultural topics

Fish as a Symbol

Art Inspired by Astronomy

Mythical Creatures from the Ant Lion to the Ziz

The Reclining Figure from Ancient Rome to East 57th

Art of the Renaissance and Early Modern Period

The Botanical Illustrations of Maria Sibylla Merian

Art of the Middle Ages

Brassy: The Rediscovery of the Lost Wax Process in Medieval Central Europe


Marginalia, Misericords, and Mischief: Whimsy and Humor in Medieval Art 

Stonework and Stained Glass of Chartres Cathedral

Ancient and Prehistoric Art

Çatalhüyük, Neolithic Proto-City

The Stone Circles of Gobekli Tepe


The Bronze Age Kingdom of Dian

Rock Art of the Sahara

Rebirth of the Pharaoh (aka Run, Pharaoh, Run): The Ancient Egyptian Festival of Heb-Sed

Ancient Providers: Images of Agricultural Life in Han Dynasty China

Cave Art in Europe

Jomon Pottery of Prehistoric Japan

(Death and) Life in the Ancient Andes

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